​Jazz pianist and composer from Milan,  Zambrini has drawn attention of critics and musicians especially with his “songs”, published his several trio and quartet recordings, as well as reprised and played by various musicians in the jazz area.

Trumpeter and composer Ron Horton had Zambrini guest in his Cd “It’s a gadget world” , recorded in New York in 2006, also including some Zambrini’s songs.

Pianist Stefano Bollani opens with a tune by Zambrini his solo album produced by ECM, the famous label in Germany, issued on 2006.

Mr. Lee Konitz himself recorded a series of Zambrini’s tunes in a sequence of three cds they realized together for label “Phillogy” in 2008

English pianist John Law simply dedicated to Zambrini’s music his cd “The moment”, in 2002, Cornucopia edition, London

Zambrini was guest in several broadcastings by national Radios
He was for 7 years partner of Cineteca Italiana, Milan, improvising at the piano live sonorization of silent movies


More recent projects are regarding young guitarist Filippo Cosentino, with an out coming cd along with Jesper Bodilsen and Andrea Marcelli, a new trio with bass player Paolino Dalla Porta andm french drummer Manhu Roche, a cd intitled "Dois Lugares",

with the  great Samba composer and performer Moacyr Luz. Several concerts in the last two years with this  "Dois Lugares " project, leaded  by italian vocalist Francesca Ajmar, and with Moacyr Luz  himself, who wrote most of the music for this project.

Also, about Brasil, a long collaboration with  th choir director, from Sao Paulo, Martinho L. Galati De Olivera, Kept Zambrini trhough several concerts, finally in Sao Paulo in 2014, playing with some great names of that scene's music like Teco Cardoso, Lea Frerie, Fabiana Cozza...

Among others, Zambrini performed with Lee Konitz, Mark Murphy, William Parker, Tiziana Ghiglioni, Enrico Rava, Ron Horton, Nenna Frenlone, Hamid Drake, Claudio Fasoli, Tiziano Tononi, Ben Allison, Gabriele Mirabassi, Kyle Gregory, Rita Marcotulli, Javier Girotto, Eliot Zigmund, Jesper Bodilsen, Maria Pia De Vito, Pietro Tonolo, 
Manhu Roche, Paolino Dalla Porta, Andrea Marcelli, Fabrizio Bosso.



Antonio Zambrini's discography

Antonio Zambrini's biography

As a leader or co-leader

Antonio Zambrini Trio, Antonia e altre canzoni, Splasc(h), 1998


Antonio Zambrini Trio,  Forme semplici, Splasc(h), 2000


Antonio Zambrini, Quartetto, Abeat, 2001


Antonio Zambrini, Due Colori, Abeat, 2003


Antonio Zambrini, Musica, Abeat, 2005


Lee Konitz meets Antonio Zambrini Trio, vol.1 Comencini, Philology 2007


Lee Konitz meets Antonio Zambrini Trio vol.2, Standardslee, Philology 2007


Lee Konitz & Antonio Zambrini, Alone and together, Philology 2007


Ron Horton feat Antonio Zambrini, It’s a gadget world, Abeat 2008


Antonio Zambrini Trio,  Songs from the Procol Harum Book, Abeat 2010


Simona Severini, La belle Vie, realized by Antonio Zambrini, My favourite records 2011


Zambrini - Zigmund - Leotta, Long distance, Abeat 2012


"Antonio Zambrini plays Nino Rota", Abeat 2013


Antonio Zambrini-Rita Marcotulli, "La conversazione", Abeat 2013 




“Ah um Jazz festival 2000", C Jam ed., 2001


“Ah um Jazz festival 2", C Jam ed., 2002


“Scimmie, city jazz club”, Edel ed., 2002


“Raccolta Differenziata 3", Radio Popolare-Sensible rec., 2001


Cd allegato a “Jazz Magazine”, nov. 2003


Cd allegato a “Musica Jazz”, dic. 2003


“Mystere piano”, Velut Luna cvld 160, 2007 


“Umbria Jazz 11", con il cd “Simona Severini La Belle Vie”, Blue Note​​





As guest or side musician



NAO di Rinaldo Donati, Mama  - Rec 1993


Giorgio Licalzi, Philology, 1994


La nuit Americaine di Giorgio Licalzi (con Tiziana Ghiglioni), Philology, 1996


Santa Lucia di Giorgio Licalzi, Polo Sud rec., 1997


Nautilus di Rinaldo Donati, Soroptimist Monza, 1998


Maya’s Dream di Beppe Aliprandi, Splasc(h) rec., 1998.


Heaven di Susy Renzi, Dischi della Quercia-irec, 2000.


Immaginary Film Music di Giorgio Licalzi, Philology, 2000.


Autoloop di Giorgio Licalzi, BMG Ricordi,2000


The Italian Jazz Wave di Luca Lapenna, Splasc(h) rec., 2001


Silent Letter di Maurizio Bucca, Dischi della Quercia-irec, 2002


Slang di Simone Guiducci, (con Eberhardt Weber)  Abeat , 2003


Cinema Paradiso di Giampiero Spina, Splasc(h)  2006


Making Whopee di Oscar Del Barba con Orchestra di Padova, Velut Luna, 2006


​Angel's Whisper and Shout di Sabrina Sparti, Map, 2009


Time to change di Diego Ruvidotti, “Music Center” 2010


Whistle it di Massimo Vescovi, Music center 2011


Uncommon nonsense, Andrea Di Biase, Babel Records, 2012


Dois Lugares, Francesca Ajmar-Moacyr Luz, 2014
















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