Con Usai, Ricci, Furian, Pacho

Zambrini, Zigmund, Leotta "Long distance trio", two cd tracks and one live track at "Sunomi" Milano

"Herzog" from cd "Musica", Abeat Records  2005

progetto su Nino Rota, cd Abeat

Video of  "Antonia" by Antonio Zambrini,

live radio (Rai3) version, by Antonio Zambrini trio 2001

​Zambrini's "Antonia, live version by Stefano Bollani 2006

Zambrini's "Antonia, version by  David Bebee, 2008

Else from Youtube

Coro Clam Chowder canta “Non disprezzare”

testo di Stefano Benni, musica  di Antonio Zambrini,

min.20.35 del video


"Piano Pete", this  "filmette" by Pete  Reynolds was inspired by a home rough recording by Antonio Zambrini,  the image  was animated by Katelyn Walsh at FableVision in Boston, MA.

You can learn more at fablevision. ​


Smooth & Soft by Plexus Quartet.

Music composed by Ernesto Cortazar Lara.

Sylwia Bialas, voice.

Sound on/off